Monday, 9 March 2015

''slave-labor" studios?

Being an Animator in Japan Is Brutal (?)

''Thurlow says the anime industry is "a particularly harsh industry, even by Japanese standards." People, he explains, are overworked to the point that they vomit, and crunch time is brutal. The less-busy periods are six-day work weeks, ten hours a day.''

I do not usually like to post anything on this specific blog other than my own art but I was recently reading the article  attached to the link above and thought it is worth sharing, especially for people like myself who are quite young and naive and have just made it into the industry.

It made me feel kinda sad more than frustrated because I think a similar ''wave'' is beginning to approach the western animation industry too and the thing is, it is our fault. It is the animator's fault. Is it because we feel so lucky to have made it into our dream jobs we sort of become a bit pathetic, not speaking up when we should and letting the ''money people'' take advantage of our enthusiasm?
Is there really no Animator's Union anywhere in Europe?? why??

Is it just me who is scared of the future european industry turning into a bunch of ''slave-labor" studios ? 

other thoughts are welcome. would love to hear what other people think.

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