Saturday, 7 May 2011

our last life drawing session of the term!

tiny watercolour thumbnails :)

so me and Magnus are working together on our third year pitch.. making a good story for a two minute, animated short is sooo difficult, but we are getting there.. this is a gouache small painting i did as part of visual development.. i've been looking at the style of mairy blair and lorelay bove (an amazing calarts graduate).. playing around with gouache is fun but need to work a lot more till im finally good at it..

work, work, work..this term has been way too intense.. after being away for 10 weeks, on a work placement in Luxembourg i had to catch up on all the uni work i've been missing... these are a couple of concept quickies for the third year pitch idea i've been working on, also trying to get better at digital painting :)