Friday, 31 May 2013


I have a lot of work left for today... and yet I waste time painting silly little pictures of myself... oh well :D 

Do you ever wonder how you look like through the eyes of others? many of my classmates have been sketching me over the years and almost everyone is giving me a big Greek nose, massive eyes and a tiny chin! now there's a recipe for a cartoon character!

p.s for the those who can not read the Cypriot dialect - a Greek dialect, also influenced by Turkish, Arabic, English, Italian, and all the other 153800867400090821234 countries that have been invading the island over the years - the writing translates into "yes,  I like tea (mint tea)". i might be the one Cypriot who prefers mint tea over watermelon and frappe during a hot Mediterranean summer...

ah yeah... 15 wonderful minutes of procrastination...
back to work :)

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Thought I should share this with you, the group project I worked on while studying at the NCCA. We were a group of five, 3 3D animation students and 2 Digital FX students! I've learned so much working on this completely different style of animation and collaborating with people coming from different backgrounds! I'm proud of the final results we got, considering it was all done during 7 weeks, including daily classes we had to attend and other assignments to complete.

For this project I did the visual development/ concept, part of the texturing for the frog and creature animation.

Thank you Aparna Janga, Magnus Kråvik, Venkatesh Kongathi and Hemanth Surana! You guys kick ass!

Friday, 10 May 2013


I still have a bit of work left on this project... Maybe I should set myself a deadline cos there's many things I want to do when this project is done... and Summer is almost here :) 
what's next: some story and colour stills, facial expressions and finally Teiresias head sculpted in 3D
Stay tuned!