Friday, 31 May 2013


I have a lot of work left for today... and yet I waste time painting silly little pictures of myself... oh well :D 

Do you ever wonder how you look like through the eyes of others? many of my classmates have been sketching me over the years and almost everyone is giving me a big Greek nose, massive eyes and a tiny chin! now there's a recipe for a cartoon character!

p.s for the those who can not read the Cypriot dialect - a Greek dialect, also influenced by Turkish, Arabic, English, Italian, and all the other 153800867400090821234 countries that have been invading the island over the years - the writing translates into "yes,  I like tea (mint tea)". i might be the one Cypriot who prefers mint tea over watermelon and frappe during a hot Mediterranean summer...

ah yeah... 15 wonderful minutes of procrastination...
back to work :)

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