Sunday, 31 January 2016

Miss Audrey

15 minute warm up sketch. Miss Audrey from 'The Paradise'. I am a sucker for period dramas!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

warm up sketches

Some warm up sketches from the weekend, heavily based on Miss Hannigan from the musical 'Annie' (1982).  Such an iconic movie character, really love how truly crazy she is.

Also, let me update you with what I have been up to since I have not been posting any work in ages. I finished my contract animating on Craig McCracken's Wander Over Yonder for Disney and I am now working as a designer for Brown Bag Films. Happily spending my days drawing props and sets :)
I also have a ''secret'' project on the side developed by a good friend of mine and helping her out with some visuals. Not allowed to share any work yet so stay tuned ;)

p.s Am I the last person on earth still using a blogspot and not tumblr? Maybe it is time to accept defeat and make the move...