Sunday, 26 October 2014

the good, the bad and the 1,2,3 perspective point

Hello blogosphere. Here's parts of the work I did for my week01 assignment for this Environment Design class. I am sort of a beginner when it comes to creating environments from scratch so be kind..or else!! :D 

But boy, this class is a challenge! especially for someone working full time, I hope I can actually complete the whole course without having to pull all-nighters...

oh and when it comes to my thought process while I'm working on these assignments it's goes like this: ''ok, I can do this. 4 evenings should be enough for the homework right?.....ahhhh no!! focus Katerina! he said to also have 3 point perspective examples...ok 3 point, thats perspective with three points..ok...why is this looking fucked up?? oh right, the Cone Of Vision rule...its outside the cone of vision.. i still don't get this composition....fuck you cone of vivion, I wish you die! fuck you too rule of thirds!! and you golden ratio!! oooohh now that's a sexy looking rock! good job me! hellooooo rock!! wait whats the focal point in this thumbnail again?? it is not supposed to be the rock! ok lets tone down that rock. I think I deleted three layers... oh well. was that supposed to be a wind mill?? well not any more its a water tower now...apparently..I need sleep. Magnus make coffee. ...please.'' etc, etc, etc. 

Fun times. Bye.  :)


  1. I'm imagining the lower left cactus as the sheriff (In the first image). It kinda gives me that vibe with it's flat tops. And its ready to box with the slim one. But the slim one gave up already.

  2. lookin good, really digging some of the thumbs (6,7,9). i also struggle with enviros, so totally understand your pain ;) btw what course is it? is it one of the gnomon thingies or cgma class?
    anyway, you can do it!

    1. hi Betty, thank you for the nice comment! it's a CGMA class! :)

    2. cool! i was thinking about taking one of them, enviro class seems pretty awesome. could you write a bit more about yours experience once course is finished?
      big thanks for reply :)

    3. of course, I will tell you all about it when the course is done :)