Thursday, 12 December 2013

30 minute speed paintings

speed paintings for a daily speed painting group I've recently joined. a few themes come up everyday, you pick one and have 30 minutes to complete a painting from scratch, no photo textures or photographs are allowed (unless its just for reference). You can join the group here Daily Spitpaint :)


  1. I love the bottom left painting of the mysterious reindeer figure. Nice stuff Kat! Hope you're enjoying Ireland : )

    1. aw thanks Al :) you should come visit! I can't seem to find your blog anymore, do you have a new one?


      Yeah here's my new blog. There isn't really much on there at the mo, just some old sketches but I did a little animation of an ugly kid in a propellor hat floating about which I quite like. I need to delve into colour so this 30 minute painting thing sounds like a good thing to try. I'll be panicking as I'm painting though haha but I guess that's the idea. Looks like alot of fun.

    3. awesome!! I will be checking it out. Have fun with the painting! :)