Wednesday, 25 September 2013

first life drawing session in Dublin - Sol Art Gallery

So I am waiting to start working at Boulder Media soon and until then I'm trying not to get extremely lazy! Life drawing seemed like a good idea, especially since I haven't done any proper life drawing for about a year now. I must admit that I almost cried during the first couple of poses,  after I noticed how 'rusty' I'd become. It was a good awakening and made me realise I should not take fundamental drawing practise for I've registered on this group of adults that get together every Tuesday at Sol Art Gallery to practise their life drawing and I'll be attending every week! the model was great -with a mixture of short and long poses- and the environment quite friendly so if you happen to be in Dublin and care for a good life drawing session you should come :)


  1. Nice! I am a regular at the Sol Art Gallery (even though I usually go on Thursdays because it's more relaxed), good to see a fellow animator at Boulder who is keeping their pencils sharp!

    1. Thanks Dave :) I have been missing sessions though. need to be more strict with myself! is the Thursday one any good? Long pose is it?