Monday, 7 January 2013

a bird-priest?

character concepts

The first term of the MA has been quite intense and it took me a good week during Christmas to recover! And I know it's only going to get harder! All ready for the new term now, we'll be working on group projects amongst other assignments as well.. it all sounds very exciting and can't wait to start producing work again! Although I need to remember to take breaks this time and stop pushing myself to the degree I stop enjoying animation!

Now, about the new post, just a few quickies for an upcoming pitch for a CG 30sec short.. dunno if we'll choose to develop it any further but it was fun doing these! :)


  1. Awesome:) I really like the way your eye for design is going! Keep it up;)

  2. Kat these are really scary! But looking assum :D solid drawing!

  3. hahaha really? I didn't think they were that scary :P sorry for scaring you Dom :P
    and thank you very much for the comment! x

  4. um i think the title you were looking for was 'bird MAN priest'..jeez kat get it together :)

  5. cool characters !
    How's the MA ? See you in Annecy maybe ?

    1. thank you very much! well there's a really long story about the MA..i'll just leave it at that :p
      unfortunately we wont be going to Annecy this summer but me and Magnus will let you know if we're anywhere near France..or Norway :)